The idea for The 100 Greatest Watford Wins came after I'd finished Enjoy the Game. I wanted to do something completely different and a countdown of some of the greatest victories in the club's history appealed to me immediately.

The most enjoyable part of the process was drawing up the long list from which to select the final 100. My criteria was partly subjective but each match had to really mean something in the context of the club's history. However, I did draw a line at matches that took place prior to the Second World War.

As I worked through the results season by season, decade by decade there were many obvious contenders but once I'd decided on the final 100 the task of sorting them into order was much harder. I knew it would be contentious and that many people would disagree with the order I chose.

As I began to write the book I sought to interview some of the key players and managers to get a fresh angle, particularly on the matches in the top 25.

The book was published in the autumn of 2011 and sold out very quickly. It has been out of print since early 2012 and has not been reprinted, mainly because it was expensive to produce.

As the years have gone by, and particularly since the dawn of the Pozzo era in 2012, several matches have happened that would be pushing for inclusion in a reprinted version but instead of going to the expense of producing another book I have decided to put the whole book on this website, revealing a match each day for the next 100 days.

I'll also be collaborating with the excellent podcast From the Rookery End to weigh up matches that have taken place since the book was originally published and decide which deserve inclusion in the list. Listen out for that this spring.

Lionel Birnie

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